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And we stuffed our faces

So we could just give thanx to the Gods!! And everyone that made this moment possible

I just had to bring my partner in crime to the top of a table

Coming out the theater- 

I walked past the guy that I had ran by coming in earlier

( See I was late because I just flew in from a show in California the night before - It was so much NY traffic that I actually jumped out the cab and ran 5 blocks to the theater)

I know ...I know...

First world problems!

I was so excited that I forgot to take pictures of the audience-but managed to get this at the end of our q and A

And to have

John Singleton say he

loved the movie

And to be exposed to the many platforms

And we were right in the middle of it all

It was amazing to be a part of something so incredible

The iPhone REPORT

On the big screen in

Times Square

We finally... 

....did it!!

I knew we were

on to something

That everyone could love

And SO we arrived to the SGP cocktail party at the Yotel Hotel in Manhattan. Late but right on time!!

It was great to see the friends and cast we hadn't seen in awhile

They still bring smiles to our faces

The people that were there from day 1!

We salute you!

Together we made a dream happen!

We celebrated and watched movies on a nearby rooftop screen. 

Next morning - slightly hungover we headed to the awards brunch at the Tribeca grill

Hosted by Malcom Lee

And smiled with good people

Thank you Urban World Film Festival!! Bless!!


Sept. 24th

People had their tickets

Letting the world know

Our Dreams!!

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