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In the tradition of Robert Townsend's Hollywood Shuffle  “She's Got a Plan" is a groundbreaking film satirizing Hollywood vs. real life.  The story opens with Isis Angelo, an aspiring writer-director who is beginning to realize that her dreams just may never come true. Isis has no career, no man, no money, and she's at the end of her proverbial rope.  We see Isis Angelo struggle to make her mark in Hollywood while trying to stay honest to the bigger picture: her life. The result is hilarious, poignant film that tows the intersection of love, class, and culture in America, and the byproduct thereof that is Hollywood.  The cast includes:  Fatima Washington (who also co-directs), Paula Jai Parker Faizon Love, Golden Brooks, Ja’net Dubois, Charles Malik Whitfield and Kelitta Smith.

Charlie's Trumpet

Charlie is an alcoholic trumpet player that loses all of his talents one night until he meets the angel Gabriel. Starring Sunspot Jonz, Aceyalone, Johnny 3Nutz,  2Mex, Alex Lavelanet, Eligh Nachowitz,  and AWOL1.  Written by Sunspot Jonz    

 Directed by Devin Roberts & Sunspot Jonz

Sunny Dreamweaver

Sunny Dreamweaver is an unrealeased film starring and written by Sunspot Jonz about a man named Sunny Dreamweaver who buys minutes to his life but falls into trouble when he runs out of time. Starring Sunspot Jonz, Simon Rex(Dirt Nasty), Garrett Morris, and Jennifer Gordon. Directed by Sunspot Jonz Produced by: Dreamzcape Pictures

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